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Parents - Rounded their jaws and refined their posture. Also changed the ethnicity to be more representative of American families. Mom has a young, modern appearance now and the overall feeling of the family is loving.

Caregivers - Simplified the illustration concept in order to focus on main message, " Caring for children other than your own".  Additional characters didn't feel unified and overall distracted from the message.

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Caregivers Illustrations

Startup - Fun, playful certificate shows that the task of getting started is positive and not overwhelming

Nourishing Spaces - Bright colors and children's playthings reinforce that this is about caring  for children and helps them envision what their business could look like. 

Support - Super Daybear shows confidence amidst multitudes of paperwork. This illustration shows that Daybear is there to support and empower Caregivers while they build their business.

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Parents Illustrations

Profile - Picture of the family on office desk. This shows that even though they may be in the workplace they haven't stopped thinking about their family. It also shows their family as the primary reason they've gone back to work.

Slots - A mockup of the app that allows them to select the right household to care for their child. The households are inviting but show the process as simplified.

Connect - I wanted to show this message as a childcare partnership. Both the parents and the caregivers are responsible for this child's well-being and the child is what "connects" them.

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